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Every step here is outlined to clear any confusion, ensuring you feel fully informed and confident. 

1. Booking

Take the first step in unlocking your inner confidence by booking one of our incredible experiences. Whether you seek some fun or a confidence boost, you’re in the perfect place.


We offer a range of photoshoots from a stripped back and natural Glow or a dark and seductive Fifty Shades, it depends how cheeky you are feeling!


Once you’ve selected your preferred experience, purchase a voucher, and our team will promptly reach out to schedule your session.

2. Care Call

Woman on a table posing for a boudoir photoshoot with vintage phone

As your photoshoot date approaches, expect a pre-shoot care call from us to check in and ensure everything is going smoothly for you.


During this call, we’ll discuss how we can tailor this experience to your desires and requirements. Our talented makeup artists will bring your dream look to life.


We’ll inquire about anything specific you’d like to showcase, such as tattoos or a specific body part, hobbies you’d like to incorporate—whether it’s ballet or something more daring—or any props you wish to bring along to add that personal touch!


Our goal is to craft an experience that is entirely unique to you.

Woman on a table posing for a boudoir photoshoot with vintage phone

3. Reception

Welcome to the exciting part of your day!


Head up to reception and select from a variety of drinks upon arrival. Treat yourself to a glass of bubbly—relax and have fun.


Feeling nervous? That’s alright! Adorning our walls are photos of confident women who once stood in your shoes. The experience will take roughly 3 hours, so cherish every moment.


Our friendly staff are here to assist. Feel free to ask our welcoming receptionists anything, even if it’s for another drink!

4. Hair and Makeup

Let the pampering begin! We recommend arriving with your makeup removed and hair shampooed and conditioned the night before.


This allows our Makeup Artists (MUAs) to promptly craft the look you’ve been envisioning! Whether it’s a soft, sleek appearance or a dazzling, glamorous style with voluminous curls, our goal remains to enhance your confidence and make you feel stunning.


Honesty is key! If there’s anything you’re not entirely comfortable with, please inform us, and we’ll adjust to ensure you feel entirely like yourself.


Relaxation is paramount. Allow us to create a comfortable and special experience for you!

5. Photoshoot

woman posing in front of mirror in black lingerie for a boudoir photoshoot in Manchester

It’s your time to shine! Our fantastic team of all-women photographers will collect you when you’re ready and escort you to our studio.


Our luxurious studio boasts a variety of backgrounds, ranging from roses to leather or funky patterns. We offer an array of props, from pearls to whips (depending on your desired level of daring), and an assortment of furniture, including vintage daybeds, bespoke leather chairs, and beautiful chaise lounges, ensuring you achieve the perfect shot.


You have the opportunity to add your individual touch to the chosen experience. Feel free to be guided step-by-step by your photographer.


Once you start, you’ll find it hard to stop—so relish every single second of this amazing experience!

woman posing in front of mirror in black lingerie for a boudoir photoshoot in Manchester

6. Viewing

The best is yet to come! After booking, you’ve arranged a viewing to witness the incredible photos one week later—allowing us time to add that extra touch of magic to your pictures.


We highly encourage you to bring along a loved one or a friend to share in this experience. We’re here to assist you in making those difficult decisions when it comes to selecting your photos.


Fast forward to the day of your private cinema-style viewing, complete with a drink and some popcorn.


It’s time to sit back and relax to watch the big reveal we put together of some of our favourite photos of you (we really love them all).


Following the viewing, the moment arrives for you to make the pivotal decision… black and white or colour?

7. Products

The final step in unleashing that inner confidence is deciding how you want to show yourself off! We provide an array of packages at different price points, catering to all budgets, and we also offer an excellent finance option.


Our most sought-after package is our platinum option, including 30 stunning photographs stored on a beautiful USB stick, solo wall art, and a luxurious 30-page bespoke album available in your preferred finish.


These products serve as reminders of your incredible self, empowering you to see your own amazingness!

Our Clients Journey

Watch our client’s journey to better understand the empowering experience you will go through. 

Get In Touch

Don’t hesitate to reach out! A friendly team is at your fingertips to answer all your questions, ensuring your journey is seamless and enjoyable. 

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