Calling out to our lovely customers!

We are very very lucky to have a customer base of superstars who love what we do and always get involved with our facebook posts and requests so this time we we would love your help!

We want to let other customers know why our customers love it at Andrew Wood Photography Studios so we thought... Why not let them hear it from the horses mouth! 

We will be picking a selection of submissions to use on our website and the submissions used will recieve a £50 High Street Voucher!

Below are a few guidelines that will really help us out!

Landscape Orientation Please!

Please make sure you are well lit

Minimal / No Background noise please (Turn those tv's down ladies :) )

Please keep your phone / camera still - resting or propping it up somewhere will help

Please speak clearly and avoid naughty language please

We would love to know What you loved about your shoot and if you had any worries before hand and how we helped you with them :)

How did your shoot help your confidence levels and was it what you expected?


Uploads to the facebook page please in a direct message or for larger files to

(As the files will probably be large, dropbox is the best way to send or services such as

If you need any help please dont hesitate to give us a call on 0161 286 3311


Thanks Guys xx