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Preparing for a Newborn Photoshoot

Here are some handy tips for your shoot

  • How long will the shoot take?

Our Newborn photoshoots generally last in the region of 2 hours, this is to allow time for baby to have any nappy changes or feeds needed and also in case baby wakes up at any point it will allow us and yourselves time to settle baby and set up props for the shoot.

  • Getting baby ready

Please ensure baby has been well fed and has been kept awake prior to your shoot, the best time to shoot a baby at this age is when they are asleep, this means they can be posed without upsetting them. We understand this may be difficult when little one becomes cranky or irritated, but we strongly recommend keeping baby awake right up until arrival at the studio. You will have ample time to settle baby and give feeds etc before your shoot.

  • Clothing

You can bring along a couple of looks for baby. Generally we recommend bare skin for the majority of the shoot and if baby is comfortable an outfit to add to the variation.

  • Props

Feel free to bring along any cute little accessories, hats or teddies etc to put a personal touch to the images. We have props in the studio but adding your own touch will make the images even more special.

  • Bring your vouchers

Please bring your vouchers with you, this can be in preferably printed format or can be shown on arrival via mobile phone or tablet. We will take any voucher codes (if applicable) from you when booking in on the phone initially, but will use these on the day to validate your experience.

  • Ideas / Styles

We love to hear your thoughts on what you would like from your shoot; feel free to bring any examples along to your session to show your photographer.