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Preparing for a family photoshoot

Here are some handy tips for your shoot


  • Variety in outfits

You can bring along up to 3 outfit changes, if you can make sure you have a variety in colours/styles this will really help you boost the variation in your images. Normally for larger family groups we advise arrive in 1 outfit ready to photograph. Due to space in the studio and changing facilities we wouldnt recommend more than 1 outfit for large family groups.

  • Props / Toys

More the better! Bring along as many accessories as you like, these can be favourite toys or any hobby accessories etc. your photographer will help decide which to use on the day. We have children bringing sports accessories, musical instruments and even costumes! We will make sure if you bring props etc we will account for these at the end of your shoot once the main family images are captured.

  • Bring your vouchers

Please bring your vouchers with you, this can be in preferably printed format or can be shown on arrival via mobile phone or tablet. We will take your voucher codes off you when booking in but will use these on the day to validate your experience.

  • Ideas / Styles

We love to hear your thoughts on what you would like from your shoot; feel free to bring any examples along to your session to show your photographer. Feel free to have a look through our online family galleries to get a feel for what we do.

If you have any questions regarding the family experiences we offer and want to have a chat with one of the team, drop us a call on 0161 286 3311

  • The finished product

Here at Andrew Wood Photography we specialize in creating beautiful handmade wall arts for the home. If you have in mind a particular space you will be wanting to display your images or have a certain colour scheme etc

  • Your viewing session

Your viewing session will be arranged for a week or so after your Photoshoot. Please have some dates in mind for when you will be free to come back to have a look at the images. We would kindly advise that you avoid bringing young children to the viewing session, we have found over the years that they will get bored and you will find it easier to enjoy and decide on your images. We can fit upto 8 family members in the cinema suite so feel free to bring along anyone who may want to view and order images from your shoot.