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Here are some handy tips for your shoot –

Product Free hair and Minimal makeup

Please arrive for your session with clean dry hair and minimal makeup, we will give you a full professional makeover from scratch and this will really help get the best results from your makeover.

False eyelashes

We recommend you think about bringing some false eyelashes for your shoot, especially if you are going for a more sultry/glamorous look as the eyelashes will help finish off the style.

Variety in outfits

You can bring up to 4 outfit changes, try make sure you have a variety in colours/styles this will really help you to enhance the variation of your shoot. Our boudoir photographers recommend you may want to bring a nice set of black underwear, suspenders, a bright set of underwear and maybe even some babydolls or night dresses.

Good Set of heels

A great set of heels is a must! They not only look great in the pictures but also help with your posture during your photo shoot.


More the better! Bring along as many accessories as you like, your photographer will help decide which to use! We have had great results with ornate knecklaces, sparkly piece and hats,

 Avoid instant tan!

We strongly advise against self applied false tan as the lighting we use can make it appear streaky and discoloured in places. If you really want to have a tan we would recommend investing in a spray tan at least 48 hours before your shoot as the application process allows a far more even coverage.

 Are your images for your partner?

Why not bring along one of their shirts or hobby items that you can incorporate into the shoot and give your images a personal touch that they will cherish forever.

If your Partner is coming along too.

Have a think about the style you would like to go for if your partner is joining in too, the ladies will always be the star of the show but the fellas are more than welcome to join in. If your looking for a more sexy style to your couples shoot we advise your partner brings along well fitted plain white or black underwear, plain jeans and a white shirt. If you have any meaningful items such as football shirts, props or accessories feel free to bring them to your session too, and we will incorporate them into your shoot.

Bring your vouchers

Please bring your vouchers with you, this can be in preferably printed format or can be shown on arrival via mobile phone or tablet. We will take your voucher codes off you when booking in but will use these on the day to validate your experience.

Any Ideas?

Fell free to bring along any inspiration to the shoot such as images you have seen or things that you may want to recreate, we always aim to give you exactly what you are looking for and even more these will help as guidelines for your photographer to know what direction to take your shoot in.