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Top 5 travel games for boredom busting!


Here at Andrew Wood Photography we meet so many of you that have come from far and wide to experience what we can offer. We love and appreciate that you come from afar, however, those of you with families will know just how 'fun' travelling with youngsters can sometimes be!

As well as being a photographer, I spend a great deal of my time tutoring teenagers on theatre and drama techniques. I run Express Youth Theatre based in Warrington so have learnt a thing or two about keeping kids occupied and having fun at the same time!

I have decided to share with you some of my favourite fun filled games that help stretch the imagination and keep you and your kids occupied no matter your journey time! (Don't worry, I won't even mention I Spy!)

1.Counting Up

This is quite a simple one to start with and is easier the less people there are playing. The basic aim of the game is to count to 10 in your group without anyone else butting in, so for example, dad would shout "1" and then mum would shout "2" and so on and so forth. However, if 2 or more people shout the same number at the same time then you must start back from the beginning! Aim to get to 10 but if you can get higher then go for it! Why not let us know your highest score!!

2.Fortunately, Unfortunately

This one goes down a storm in my classes and definitely lets the imagination run wild! (For some reason we have a recurring theme of lemons and Llamas! Don't ask). One person is chosen to start off a story "Once upon a time...blah blah blah". Then go clockwise around everyone in the car and take turns to change the direction of the story by adding a fortunately and an unfortunately. So for example it would run like this:

Dad- "Once upon a time, there was a mouse who lived in a tree house."

Mum - "Unfortunately there was a bad storm one day and the tree house blew down!"

Dad- "Fortunately the mouse had a kind neighbour who let him stay for a while."

Keep this going for as long as you wish! Make the story as dramatic or as amusing as you like.


3.Build a story

Another simple game here but extremely fun nonetheless! The aim is to build up a story using just one word each! Go around the group in whichever direction you would like and each person must add one, and only one word to help move the story along. Think about how different words may change the mood of the story and why not try and add a dramatic twist between you!


4."No you didn't"

This one is probably more for the experienced storyteller in the family. Slightly more complex but still fun for all ages, '"No you didn't" is all about improvisation and changing things up! One person must improvise a story while someone else changes fate! Choose the most imaginative member of your family to start telling everyone a story. At any point anyone can shout "No you didn't", "No it wasn't" or any  other variation of the phrase. The storyteller must then change their story accordingly! So, for example:

Mum- "It was a nice warm Sunday morning and I decided that I was going to go for a lovely stroll in the park..."

Jack- "No you didn't!"

Mum- "Okay, I didn't decide to go for a stroll in the park, I decided to sit and watch TV. I was flicking through the TV channels..."

Jack- "No you weren't!"

Mum- "Okay, I wasn't flicking through the TV channels, I was pretending to be a chicken..."

Jack- "No you weren't!"

Mum- "Okay, I wasn't pretending to be a chicken, I was eating grass..."

And so on and so forth! Why not give everyone a go at making up their own story and judge who's ends up best!!

5.Questions & answers

This is a little more advanced than the other activities mentioned on here, so I would probably aim it at older children. It takes a bit more brain power and concentration! This is best played in pairs so decide who is going to verse who to begin with. You can swap partners and have several rounds. Why not even keep score? The aim of this game is not to answer the question with a statement, but as another question. It is MUCH harder than you think!! So, in your pairs one person starts by asking a question. Person 2 must then respond with another question and so on and so forth. There's one really big rule though, you may not just repeat the question back.! For example, this would not be allowed and would result in instant disqualification from the round:

Dad- "Why are you sitting like that?"

Jack- "Why are YOU sitting like that?"

 To make it even more difficult, why not try adding a time limit? For example, the player must take no longer than 5 seconds to respond or else they are out. If you're in an even more challenging mood, why not ban the word 'erm'. You'll find it crops up more than you think!

So I hope this post has enlightened you and fills your journeys with joy! Your next trip to Andrew Wood Photography certainly won't be a boring one!!