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Prepare early for your summer holiday! Photographs you should plan to capture on your trip.

As another school holiday zooms by and as the sporadic days of warm weather hit us, the longing for our big summer holidays just gets worse! We dream about the sun glaring down on us as we perch on the warm sand, cocktails in hand complete with the little umbrella and of course, a cherry on the top!

It's never too early to start counting down to your summer holiday! Whether it is a trip to the Caribbean or a weekend away roaming the beaches of Cornwall, here at Andrew Wood Photography we want to make sure you can capture those precious funtime memories to look back on for years to come. (unless you want to invite our photographers along with you of course!)

We have selected some of the top photo's you should make sure you grab on your trip away that will help tell your holiday story and make all your friends and family extra jealous! 

The Travel SHOT

Show everyone how excited you are to set off on your journey!


The Accommodation

Show everyone your home for the trip. Make them jealous!

The day TripS

Let everyone know what you did while on your trip!

The sea/pool selfie

Make everyone jealous of that crisp blue sea...

Even sea lions can take selfies.....

Even sea lions can take selfies.....

On the Beach

How big will you build your sand castles this year?

The splash SHOT

Just because you have to...


The forced perspective shot

These shots will amuse your family and friends for years to come!

So there you have it! All the shots you should be capturing while on your travels. Better start that countdown...