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10 things that make me happy

Sometimes we all have those days where you just feel a little rubbish! At the start of this year, I decided I was going to start my own positivity jar to help on these days, so every day I try and jot down something good that has happened on a little piece of paper, and place it in the jar. This jar will stay sealed until New Year where I will take out all the slips of paper and celebrate everything good that happened over the year!

I think it's really important to remember all these little positive experiences that make us happy, and in a bid to encourage you guys to do the same, I would like to share with you the 10 things that make me most happy (in no particular order). Sounds corny, but sometimes we need a little reminder!

1. Music: My favourite place to spend an evening has to be at a gig with friends. Live music and a few cheeky drinks, I can't imagine anything better!



2.Socialising/friends: My friends are the ones who make me laugh, and without a little bit of laughter where would we be!? I love spending time with other people, it's much more fun than being by yourself!

3.Teaching drama: I love to share my skills and watch kids grow in confidence. Knowing that you have helped that is just the best feeling!

4.My Camera!: I love having the ability to capture the world and show people what is important in my eyes. Having a voice via images is such a brilliant feeling.


5.Family: I annoy my mum something rotten and me and my brother don't always see eye to eye, but I suppose without them who would I have to torment!?

6.My hamster: She is just SO adorable. Whenever I've had a bad day, I just give her a cuddle and her cuteness just cheers me right up!

7.My bed: Bedtime is definitely the best time of the day! !Who agrees with me!?

8.Coffee: I literally cannot get through a day without a coffee! Don't be surprised if you catch me chillin' out in Starbucks or Costa several times a week! I swear half of my wages goes in there!

9.Chocolate: Of course. Who isn't happy with a lovely bar of Dairy Milk in their hands!?

10.Unexpected Politeness: A simple smile from a stranger walking down the street, or someone stepping aside to let you off the tram first. All these little things have such a positive effect and make me feel happy for hours afterwards!


Why not get in touch with us today and add your fun filled photoshoot experience with Andrew Wood Photography to your positivity jar!!

Prepare early for your summer holiday! Photographs you should plan to capture on your trip.

As another school holiday zooms by and as the sporadic days of warm weather hit us, the longing for our big summer holidays just gets worse! We dream about the sun glaring down on us as we perch on the warm sand, cocktails in hand complete with the little umbrella and of course, a cherry on the top!

It's never too early to start counting down to your summer holiday! Whether it is a trip to the Caribbean or a weekend away roaming the beaches of Cornwall, here at Andrew Wood Photography we want to make sure you can capture those precious funtime memories to look back on for years to come. (unless you want to invite our photographers along with you of course!)

We have selected some of the top photo's you should make sure you grab on your trip away that will help tell your holiday story and make all your friends and family extra jealous! 

The Travel SHOT

Show everyone how excited you are to set off on your journey!


The Accommodation

Show everyone your home for the trip. Make them jealous!

The day TripS

Let everyone know what you did while on your trip!

The sea/pool selfie

Make everyone jealous of that crisp blue sea...

Even sea lions can take selfies.....

Even sea lions can take selfies.....

On the Beach

How big will you build your sand castles this year?

The splash SHOT

Just because you have to...


The forced perspective shot

These shots will amuse your family and friends for years to come!

So there you have it! All the shots you should be capturing while on your travels. Better start that countdown...


The best pet pictures around!

We are all big animal fans here at Andrew Wood Photography! In celebration of this, We have gathered together some of our favourite pet pictures on the web to make you chuckle and help you gather some inspiration.

Why not bring your own four legged friends along to your session! After all, they are part of the family!