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Bizzykidz at Andrew Wood Photography

We love meeting aspiring mini models here at Andrew Wood Photography, so working with Bizzykidz Talent & Modelling Agency couldn't be more of a perfect match!

Bizzykidz agency take on a huge number of talented little ones every year from all over the UK. With a client list including Harrods, Nick Jr, Sky Sports and Getty Images, it's no wonder so many mini Bizzykidz models get to strut their stuff!

Andrew Wood Photography is the first stop for these aspiring little ones on their path to stardom! Here they get their first taste of just what it takes shine in front of the camera. An hour long portfolio session with our photographers often see's little ones jumping, dancing, posing and most importantly giggling away to create the best portfolio images possible; with the emphasis being on creating the variety of images that casting directors like to see, and compile a portfolio that stands out. Not only do they come to us for their all important portfolio images, we also complete an assessment to let Bizzykidz know just how super each one of our mini models has been!  

The whole process is fun, relaxed and friendly and we love nothing more than to get creative while inspiring our tiny superstars! We wish everyone we have met so far the best for their future in the industry and can't wait to meet many more of you! 

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Check out a selection of our favourite Bizzykidz portfolio images below!