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Confessions of a Boudoir Photographer

As a Boudoir Photographer, I meet and photograph a lot of different women and I feel a vital part of my job is to put them at ease with the idea of having photographs taken in their underwear!

It's funny how women from every walk of life, from every city , no matter what underwear style they like or how old they are all have the same few worries about their shoot and body in general.


So lets bust some myths and clear up some worries about having pictures taken in your pants!


1. It's OK to have Stretchmarks! 

  Pretty much every woman has them in some shape or form be it from pregnancy, yo-yo dieting or like mine "They just happened from somewhere"

We can and will edit them out on your request, we can Photoshop them away to your hearts content! Or we can leave them in as they are a part of what makes you "you" Either way, its nothing we haven't seen before and I'm sure yours are much smaller than you perceive them to be :)

2.It's OK if you don't know how a suspender belt works!

Alright, most ladies have a grasp on how it works, but your female photographer is on hand to not only take your photos but also do up those annoying little clips on the back, show you how its done, straighten your stockings and style you to fabulousness, just ask!  I've done thousands of women's stockings up at the back and still can't do my own by myself, its some sort of magical contortionist trick!

This one WAS a challenge ;)

This one WAS a challenge ;)


3.I've never met a woman who is happy with her stomach... FACT...

Even women with flat stomachs wish they were flatter, or I've met thin women that wish they were fatter. We know this, so we photograph in a flattering way that shows a women's best bits rather than bits she wants to hide. We hope your shoot will give you the confidence to love even the least favourite bits of yourself!

4. We have some lovely photos on our website yes...

but yours will not end up there unless you give us permission to put it their :) Same with the window, facebook etc. We ask you after your viewing if you are happy to be featured on our promotions.

5. Your outfits will not shock us

From grandmas in PVC, to Bridal Boudoir with the most delicate white lace outfit, boudoir is what it means to you. So if you want to go bra-less, go for it, fishnet stockings are perfectly allowed and latex is cool too.

If you want to bring your Ski's, Cricket bat, Paintbrush, Weights, Riding Crop, Cuddly Toys, Bicycle , Boyfriend or even your Dog to pose with, we will help create your idea. Believe it or not, we have done a shoot with all of the above at some time or other!

6. It's not Next Top Model!

No-one is judging your posing skills, we will show you how to pose, whether to smile or not and guide you through the process of looking amazing on camera. And if you blink or put your hand in the wrong place, rest assured Tyra Banks isn't going to appear and vote you off the show!

7. It's OK to be Nervous about your shoot

I'll tell you a secret now ladies, I had a boudoir shoot last year and despite having years of experience in shooting other peoples photographs, and despite it being a trusted friend taking the photographs, I was still REALLY NERVOUS!  "OMG they are going to see my flabby belly and back fat"

How silly is that!   (And it all turned out well. see below!)


Rest assured that once we have gotten over the worry of being in your underwear in front of a stranger and done the first couple of shots, it all gets a lot easier. It's only you and the photographer in the room and we are far too busy altering the lights and working out the camera settings to stare at your stretchmark's.

Or if I do look at your body its just me thinking "Wish I had her boobs!"

If you are feeling a bit nervous and want to give us a call and ask any questions, feel free to ring on 0161 286 3311 or email kayleigh@andrewwoodphotography.co.uk and we can put your mind at ease before your shoot!



Kayleigh is our Studio Manager and award winning boudoir photographer extraordinaire.