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A Photographer's guide to taking the ultimate selfie

Like it or not the “selfie” has become a part of life in the digital, social media age.

 From the Myspace days (remember that!) where it was customary to take a photo looking up at the camera...

Emo Scene Kid Selfie

Emo Scene Kid Selfie

To LinkedIn where you need to portray professionalism, everything you sign up to wants an avatar or little photo of yourself.  

I’m a self confessed selfie taker, so I thought id give you some tips!

  1.  As any good photographer knows, its all about the lighting. With a selfies you want it to look as natural as possible so make sure that you shoot with the light hitting your face and illuminating your skin, If the light is behind you then you end up with a big light flare like below, or you just look really dark and blemishes appear worse :(


2. Angles Angles Angles!  Take your selfies from above, not too far above so that its really obvious but just enough to make you look skinnier and more sophisticated.

If you take your selfies from below all you get is double chins and you look like this! hehe

Never a good look!

Never a good look!

3. Avoid flash if you don't need it. I swear by flash lights in the studio but that little camera flash is only going to give you red eye and uneven lighting, stand by a window where possible.

 4. Work out where the actual camera bit of your phone is rather than just staring at the screen, or look down. If you don't then you end up with squiffy eyes

5. watch out for background distractions, Make sure you clean up the floor and anything behind you, im sure weve all seen the famous bathroom selfies!

6. Use Instagram to put your selfies on all the other social networks that way you can take advantage of snazzy filters! 


And if all else fails, leave it to the professionals, come in and let us take a profile picture that will get your notifications buzzing!

here are a few Andrew Wood Photography clients who did just that :😉


Kayleigh is our Studio Manager and award winning boudoir photographer extraordinaire.