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Celebrations at Andrew Wood Photography

We started this year with a fresh energy and some ambitious plans to become “Demonstrably the Best Portrait Photography Studio in Manchester”, quite an ambitious goal.   And to achieve this we decided to set some targets in three key areas and some milestones for our business.   I wasn’t expecting to achieve them all by the start of March  - that’s for sure, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of a fantastic young team who have put in an extraordinary effort to achieve great things, specifically. . .


·         Gold Award from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

·         Ten consecutive 10 out of 10 ratings from our Portrait Photography

·         . . . and as well as this  . . . we’re busier than ever before!



So firstly thanks to Ryan Lea for his stunning entry into the digital art section taken on one of our open creative nights, where models, make-up artists and photographers all meet to create a special kind of mayhem and just sometimes some super creative photos too. 

Award Winning Photography from Ryan at Andrew Wood Photography

Award Winning Photography from Ryan at Andrew Wood Photography


Secondly thanks to the whole team for creating a photography experience that so many clients would recommend.  This is 100% a team effort and involves everyone from the reception desk, through the photography experience, the editing, and of course the viewing session after which we’ve received all this super encouraging feedback.  Thank you Kayleigh, Ryan, Richard, Shirley, Rosanna, Suzy, Collette, Sammi, Matt and Helen!


And finally, a big thank you to all those members of the team who have been so willing to try new things and get our marketing department off the ground!  Its not been easy to make time with all the other requirements of a busy photo studio, but it is working well and thank you for all the extra hours that have gone it to make it happen. 


Three really encouraging steps on the path to achieving our goal.

Andrew Wood

"Company Director / Owner" I am passionate about my family and my photography! With having had four children in less than three years, I am certainly experienced in the rigours of family life. I think that enables me to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment where children, adults and the whole family can have fun enjoying each other’s company, while we capture natural images. At weekends, I enjoy playing the piano and guitar, cycling in the countryside around Manchester and going on hill walking holidays.