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My T r a n s f o r m a t i on

            at Andrew Wood Photography in Manchester.
               written by Lucy                                                                                                                                                                                                              |    lucysprettylittleworld.com   |
My usual attire... not quite burlesque.

My usual attire... not quite burlesque.


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My name's Lucy and I want to tell you about Andrew Wood Photography.


So the reason I want to tell you about this place is because I have been in the same position as you!

Back in April of 2016, I won a competition through Andrew Wood Photography. It's called The Gift Of Confidence. I've decided to share my experience and some of my pictures - if I can't share my own journey then how can I expect other ladies to book in for this amazing experience too!

I entered because I really struggle with my confidence, my self esteem and I basically tend to think that everyone else is better than me at everything and I'm not worthy of anything good happening to me... but enough about me! Let's get to the good bit...



This is my take on Andrew Wood Photography's Gift of Confidence Burlesque Photoshoot

Let me tell you, I was nervous - obviously! It's not every day you get your kit off in front of somebody you've never met before... but as soon as I arrived I felt at ease. I was welcomed by Rosanna who did my make-up and we chatted about music and she really chilled me out.

Then I met Kayleigh, oh she's so lovely! She was the one photographing me on the day.
I showed her what I brought with me, lots of different outfits and personal t-shirts, shoes, jewellery - and we picked which outfits to wear with which shoes and which studios to use.

We had such fun doing the shoot and my confidence grew and grew as every snap was taken. I was literally walking around between the studios in just bra and knickers bold as brass chatting to the staff members and felt so at ease.

After the shoot I was on such a high - I had my make up done amazingly and felt so good!

I then waited a couple of weeks and went to see my photos. I took my boyfriend with me and we sat down in a gorgeously decorated room and watched a slideshow of my photos. I cried. I was so happy with my photographs.

Now 12 months down the line, I work for Andrew Wood Photography.

I saw the application online and my friend messaged me saying that I HAD to apply... so I did... it was so nerve-racking! 

Now I work at Andrew Wood Photography, I help with booking people in and showing clients their photographs, which means I'll be speaking to you from the start of your experience and then the very end when you come back to view your photographs, I'll be there looking at them with you, helping you to choose your favourites.

The reactions from ladies seeing their photos is amazing. There is no right or wrong way to react, cry, laugh, smile. You made the step towards finding this inner confidence, this inner beauty, and I'm here to help you realise how beautiful you are.



If you get worried, nervous, have any questions AT ALL - please message me on here or ring the studio on 0161 2863311





Any questions or just fancy a chat about your shoot? 

Andrew Wood

"Company Director / Owner" I am passionate about my family and my photography! With having had four children in less than three years, I am certainly experienced in the rigours of family life. I think that enables me to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment where children, adults and the whole family can have fun enjoying each other’s company, while we capture natural images. At weekends, I enjoy playing the piano and guitar, cycling in the countryside around Manchester and going on hill walking holidays.