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Nerve Busting Tips For Camera-Shy Women

When your self-esteem needs a pep-up, there are few better cures than a photo shoot, teasing the real you out of your inner shell. Baring yourself for the camera is just what’s needed for your confidence and innate sexiness to come flooding back, forming a take-home symbol of how gorgeous you are.

Yet goddess-esque posing doesn’t come readily to everyone. Plenty of girls have a wealth of charm to share, only to crumble under the spotlight. If you’re feeling shy about your photo shoot, here are some methods to ease you into it…


Experiment at home

It’s inevitable that you’ll curl up when the camera comes out if you haven’t dared to bare before. To get a feel for what you’re comfortable with, practice a few poses at home. Is there a certain ‘look’ that you feel surmises your personality? What angles, outfits and lighting do you feel are the most flattering?

Our esteemed photography studio caters for all types of burlesque and boudoir shoots, and we like to experiment with different approaches. For example, you might prefer to not gaze directly at the lens, which can lend an offhand mystique to the final photo. In any case, experimenting at home will give you confidence on the day.

Pick out some props

A lot of singers feel out of place onstage unless their hands are looped around a microphone chord. People tend to feel more relaxed at parties if they’re holding a drink, simply as a matter of inclusion. Similarly, adapting props into your shoot will take some of the pressure off, as you have a focal point on which to centre your poses.

Crops, tassels, fans… the only limit is your imagination. Andrew Wood Photography has seen some amazing scenarios emerge from a special item that a lady’s taken a shine to. So don’t be afraid of a beneficial distraction.

Use your creative spirit

For many women, roleplay is a scintillating thought. There is a distinction, however, between believing that you’re a ‘character’ in your private time, and doing so in front of a stranger, however friendly and fun they may be.

We of course want all of our clients to be themselves, yet an element of pretend – reinforced by your outfit, props and opulent surroundings – can make aspects of your personality more apparent. Close your eyes, and take a minute or so to place yourself in the shoes of a fantasy figure. Where are you? What are you smelling? What do you feel on your skin?

When your eyes open again, you might find that those insecurities have melted away. You’ll then be ready to loosen up those arms and legs in a pose that screams power, sultriness and full ownership of your body.

These are just a few of our favourite tips for camera-shy women, but our talented photographers have plenty of tactics to employ during your session. We’re brilliant listeners, guiding you into the process one step at a time, making you laugh and smile at every moment.

Feeling butterflies in the run-up to your shoot? Reach out to us and let’s talk about the you that no-one knows about…

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