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The Guide to Your Festival Look.. AT ME!

With Parklife just around the corner I thought a festival themed blog was merely essential! Now whilst the most reliable waterproof and a good ole' set of willies are a must we all know that festivals have now become more of a fashion run way than ever so now's the time to get out the temp tats and coloured hair spray!


With festival looks becoming even more of a trend you can now have your hair and makeup styled for you with festivals now having 'pop up' salons. So even if you're not a dab hand with cosmetics and a back combing brush you're set! However I'm sure with a little bit of practise you'll all be able to crack out these looks faster than you can pull out your 'shewee'!

So here goes...


GO BOLD! Forget the basic concealer and mascara daily look, now is the perfect opportunity to go WILD... think boho chic on acid or nursery children let loose with a fresh pack of Crayola. For me this look is perfect, we have a strong winged liner, multi-coloured brow a rainbowed face with nude lips... who knew! This is the one time where you have cosmetic freedom without the crippling judgment from the average passer by SO HAVE FUN.

FACE PAINTS! Face paints are not only for creating the classic lion look, they can be used for which ever part of the body you feel like being creative with. Take this eye look for example... Picasso would have been proud. Ditch all the tips and advise you've taken over the years from your older sisters and Pixiewoo and just create! Have fun and let it show, you don't even need to wear a base for these looks just simply have the paint brushes at the ready.

MIX IT UP! I love how this makeup artist has given such a classic vintage look a quirky festival twist. By simply changing her liner colour from a classic black to a cobalt blue and theming it with the floral detail it brings a simple, staple look into the festival future where all rules are broken! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look, I also love how she's kept the staple red for the lips yet it still looks beautifully quirky.

ALL IN THE DETAIL! This look is dashing and dainty at the same time without it being overpowering, it's fun yet still artistic. So for the less neon folk out there this is the perfect look for you, pair it with a simple glossy lip or even a soft lip stain and you've mastered a subtle yet still fun festival look.


We all know that a festival mane is a must when hitting this summers top spots, it's the look where Bob Marley meets Beyoncé. So here's a few of my favourite hair looks for festival goers... and yes, there will be plaits involved. Standard.

Whether it's chic ribbons, antique beads or an old pack of rizla just shove it in your hair! Almost any hair accessory fits in with the festival look, so just go for it. A regular trend is to braid in some cool thread into your plaits (even try a fishtail if you're feeling brave) and add a couple beads at the end. Simple yet effective!

FLOWER POWER! It isn't a festival look if flowers aren't incorporated (like officially, they literally won't let you in if you don't have at least one flower on your person). So whether it's a single red rose or a whole synthetic bouquet get the floral vibe going! A classic garland is the most popular festival look (like the one sported above by our Lana)as it can be incorporated into any hair style, straight, wavy, curly, up do.. the limits are endless. These can be bought from any high street shop and I'm almost positive you'd manage to find one in your local convenience store. 

PLAIT IT OUT! Like I said before plaits were bound to pop up at some point. It is literally the easiest style you can create in a 1000 different ways and 99% of the time it will look good. Whether it is tousled or tame the plait will always be your festival bez (even more than your portaloo partner... remember to pack your wet wipes guys). The look above is simply created by splitting your hair in two sections from where your parting lays and then plaiting the two sections and simply pinning them along the part of the head you wish to have them placed! You can even go a bit Dali with your plaits and it'll still look fab.

So there we have it, some of my favourite festival looks! Like I said be BRAVE and have FUN. Festivals is were all the fun and madness is had so go for it!

Oh yeah FYI... If you don't like mud you're screwed! ENJOY!!!