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what to wear? if you dare......


A frequently asked question that I hear from our boudoir clients is 'what do I wear?' We understand squeezing in to a corset , struggling with your stockings and that dental floss thong can be some what daunting and rather stressful.

So here's my safe fail guide on what to bring...

1: First and foremost it's really important to bring outfits that you feel good in! If you don't feel good in the outfit your more than likely to not like the photo, makes sense right?

2: Try something new! Bringing a new outfit that maybe your other half hasn't seen before can give you a big confidence boost, something a bit more daring that would make his jaw drop. Even something as simple as going for that sexy red bra rather than the safe black one we all stick too (yep, I have a draw  full of them too!).

3: Stockings or hold ups?... That is the question! A lot of people don't know what to buy or even the difference, If you have a suspender belt always go for stockings. Stockings don't have the sticky edge at the top making it easier to attach to your belt (don't worry if you are struggling, I am always at hand to help you with popping things on.)  If like me you haven't been blessed with the slender legs of Kate Moss I would go for stockings over hold ups. Hold ups look fantastic, but if they don't fit properly you will find yourself forever pulling them up or having them squishing onto the tops of your legs... never a good look.

4: Confidence... the best accessory any woman can bring!

I hope these little tips have been helpful for the slightly unsure bunch out there :)

Susan x