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Top tips for the perfect flick!

Since the 1950's the feline flick of eyeliner has been a staple in many women's makeup looks... however the execution of this creation has most women wanting to snap their eye pencils/liners/brushes and all other gadgets that manufacturors create to make it 'easier' for us to do in half! I couldn't count the amount of women that I've had in my chair sharing their stories about the eternal struggle of being able to create a solid, sleek winged liner themselves. So here I am attempting to save the day and your sanity by sharing my easy 3 Step method of creating the classic flicked eye.

Step One: We may think that dot-to-dot is only a thing for children however this technique comes in very handy for creating this look. Start by taking your choice of liner (fluid,kohl,liquid) and simply dot where you wish your flick to end, then make another dot by the end of your eyelid, another in the middle of the eyelid then finally one near the tear duct (or where you want the line to start).

Step Two: Once the dots are in place start with the flick and join the dots from the outer of the eye to the end of the eyelid creating your flick. Once the flick is in place create the liner by starting from the inner corner of the eye and sweep along until you meet the dot at the end of your eyelid making sure you stay inside the parameters of your dots, thus creating a smooth, even line.

Step Three: Take a bow and congratulate yourself on creating the perfect winged eyeliner!