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Drag Queen Day Dreams!

I’m back again with more makeup marvellousness! This time however we’re taking tips from the boys (how could this be you say?).  Not just any old average Joe, more like Joe who likes to be Joanne at the weekend... DRAG QUEENS!

This is my guilty of guilty pleasures in the makeup realm; I cannot help but be awe stricken by the skills involved in creating your classic drag looks. There’s brow blocking, beard blocking, heavy duty contouring, eye lash application, over drawn lip lines... the lot! It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of skill and sass.

We can’t be talking drag queens without a mention of RuPaul! The ultimate drag queen and creator of the undoubtedly best programme on TV (or Netflix if you’re in the UK)... RuPaul’s ‘Drag Race’. It’s like a bootleg, trippy version of America’s Next Top Model but far funnier, Tyra Banks has got nothing on RuPaul. I mean forget about the ‘smize’ it’s all about ‘lip syncing for your life!’

So let’s take a look at some of the amazing looks created and some which fall a little short of convincing us (we all know I can’t resist a good makeup fail)...

Now these ladies show us how the drag look is done and properly! The enhanced cheek bones and fine noses are created with that good old contouring technique that we are all fully aware of by now, however a secret for creating many drag looks is brow blocking. This consists of blocking out your own eye brows with either a professional wax that you carefully paste over the brows until they are flat and smooth and only slightly visible (or if like a good cheap substitute like myself a standard non-toxic glue stick will do the trick). Once this is applied you simply block out the colour that’s coming through, if you have dark brown/black brows it’s best to use a very pinky/orange undertone corrector over the blocked brows and blend it in until you can’t see the colour of your brows. Then the foundation is applied, this will then make you look like an egg but it gives you the freedom to create the epic brow like our drag queen makeup hero’s. The whole point in this is to create a brow that is generally higher up the forehead than your natural ones so you can extend your eye makeup creating an epic cut crease making your eyes look as big and bold like Bambi on hallucinogenics (it’s a good look, trust me).

Now even though the classic  look is one taken from the traditional ideal of beauty from the 50’s (yes we’re talking Marilyn Monroe and co) there a more and more drag queen sub cultures rising to the surface like Goth Drag Queens (yes we’re talking Marilyn Manson and co). These looks have changed the concept slightly however the dedication and skill required to create these looks are most certainly still there. Here’s one of my favourites Sharon Needles (who was catapulted to drag fame after winning season 4 of RuPaul’s drag race!)

Now here's the fun part... DRAG QUEEN MAKEUP FAILS!

I have almost no words for these hilarious and hideous looks! I mean I know I told you that brow blocking can add height to your eye makeup look but No3 has taken that concept to a whoooole other level and those one line eyebrows with that puss yellow eye shadow on No 2, never a good look love. And No4, well, if you ever wanted to know what your husband would look like dressed up as Cheryl Cole on a night out... there's your answer.

YES WE CAN love drag Queen makeup styles (when done correctly). So let's go wild and have a play around with our brow blocking, mega contouring and luscious lip liner skills! And in the words of Rupaul, always remember 'being Beyoncé is not your destiny child'.