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Kim Kardashian Kontouring!

So we are all well aware that even though Kim Kardashian has been blessed by the gods of beauty she certainly does have a helping hand with her cosmetics! Not a day goes by where the 34 year old mother doesn’t leave her L.A mansion without a full face of slap to face the day (wouldn’t we all if we had a 24hour ‘glam team’ made up of the top industry professionals!).

However, there has been one technique that the Armenian beauty has always flied the flag for... CONTOURING! Contouring is simply creating optical illusions of defined cheekbones and highlighted brow bones (think Kate Moss on a diet) all through the magic of makeup and with no Slimfast meal plan in sight!

With Mrs West being such a strong advocate for the technique we are now in a contouring obsessed world where many young women and a fair few fellas are trying their hand at the tricky application with some questionable results.

So once again, here I am to save the day and give you a step by step of how to create the perfect contoured look...

Step 1: Always prep your skin! A good moisturiser and primer is always essential with this look, fail to prep your skin and you shall see your contouring dreams fade away into the cosmetic bargain bin distance.

Step 2: I prefer to do my contouring with cream based products as I find it easier to blend and help achieve a natural look. So, start with a cream based foundation that is around 4-5 shades darker than your skin tone (so it will be noticeably darker) and apply down the sides of your cheek bones heading towards your chin but stopping when you’re around an inch away from your mouth. Also apply the darker tone around the temples and the sides of the bridge of your nose.

Step Three: Then apply a cream based product that’s 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone and apply in the middle of the brows moving upwards to the centre of the forehead, along the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, above the cheek bone and on the centre of the chin.

Step Four: Once all the highlighting and shading has been put in place, blend until there are no sharp lines but is still strong enough so when you’re foundation is applied you still will be able to see the effects of the technique coming through.

Step Five: Finally apply your foundation and make any top ups to the highlighted and shaded areas with powered products such as bronzer and highlighter if you wish! Et Voila!

WARNING: This can be a tricky technique so practice, practice, practice before debuting it in the full view of the general public... We don’t want to make an epic fail like the contouring Queen herself. Not a good look Kim!